There's a desperate need in the US House of Representatives for bold, unflinching conservative women. That need is the target of Right Women PAC. No other PAC focuses exclusively on electing solidly conservative women.

Right Women PAC will leverage our efforts in primaries in Republican districts, as well as in these winnable general elections. When the primary is won, we have a strong shot at electing a new conservative woman to the House.

Strategically targeting which candidates to invest in will require a robust vetting process. Our goal is to help elect patriots who will courageously stand on their constitutional principles, and to make our donors proud. Reinforcements for the House Freedom Caucus are critical. We hope to add to their ranks women who "walk their talk" and vote like they campaigned.

Debbie Meadows riding with the President in his limo – "the Beast" – to a North Carolina rally

Pro-Life (Stock photo of baby or mom with baby?)

Pro-America (American flag)

Pro-Constitution (vintage looking constitution)

Pro-Bill of Rights

Pro-Religious Liberty

Pro-Second Amendment

Pro-President Trump

Pro--Border Security and Common Sense Immigration Laws

Pro-Law  Enforcement