YOUNGER GENERATIONS OF RED HOT REPUBLICANS joined together in 2020 during the most competitive landscape in political history.

Right Women PAC welcomed the younger generation of Red Hot Republicans to partner with them in strategically targeting bold, conservative women candidates for Congress. The collaboration between Right Women PAC and the Red Hot Republicans created growth and incredible value. Our RHR’s exuded emotion and passion for freedom and the right to life as they united with Right Women PAC in raising funds. These revenues supported Republican women in winning five seats. We welcome these five new bold conservatives into Congress, sworn in on January 3, 2021.

Founded in Los Angeles, CA, Red Hot Republicans' range from 18-38 years old, all with fresh, red hot patriotism and enthusiasm. And we have just begun – please help us spread the word and build on our momentum! Taking back the House in 2022 is within our reach, especially if we start now!